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  • Discover (on)society

    Discover (on)society

    Our formula integrates inspiring content, a business orientation, social conversation and engineering.


  • Contraportada

    We work on four levels:

    Targeted content

    We adapt contents to user profiles, making sure they each get relevant, useful and inspirational information. That's the value users get when interacting with the brand.

    Web infrastructure:

    Multi-device Websites featuring a look&feel promoting interaction and maximizing conversion. Our platforms are integrated to enhance product and connect the user to the brand.

    Internet team:

    We train in-house Web teams at the client's organization for the site's ongoing management. We put together an Act&React Plan to help them deal with the unforeseable.


    We listen to users, interact with them and turn them into brand advocates. Social media strategies, loyalty programs and user generated content (USG) are key to induce engagement.

  • Beyond inspiration

    We nurture the inspiration process. We identify the defining feature of each destination, each hotel room, each product. We dare challenge the traveler to try something new, why not?

    The storytelling narrative connects with the traveler's aspirations - the stories he wants to share. Our texts are written to inspire, captivate and engage travelers, and are edited for online reading.

    Beyond inspiration
  • Targeted content

    We are convinced content is king. We stress quality, value to user and orientation towards conversion.

    We develop contents targeted to all different previously identified user profiles. We create texts, produce images and choose videos with our audiences in mind. We speak to them in their own words and -of course- in their own language.

    Targeted content
  • Contextualized contents

    The traveler experience is a sum of interactions. Arriving to his destination and locating the services and experiences he wants are prioritaire. We perform an exhaustive job of geopositioning at destinations and at the client's immediate surroundings. Our interactive maps display hoteles, restaurants, shops, museums, public services and places of interest in the geographic context where the traveler is.

    Contextualized contents
  • Responsive web design (RWD)

    We utilize responsive web desing, a programming method which allows for layouts to adapt to all three screens: desktop, tablet and mobile. Elements re-arrange on the screen, depending on the resolution of the device from which the Website is accessed. RWD universalizes development and facilitates subsequent maintenance.

    (To be published March, 2013)

    Responsive web design (RWD)
  • Mobility

    Once at the destination, the traveler wants to make the most of his stay. Besides location, the date, time and weather define his needs. We offer contextual services considering the information needs he might require: mobility tools such as interactive maps which allow for personalized itineraries and the selection of layers of information; plus audioguides narrating the most relevant stories of the place.

  • Calibre: our algorithm

    The Calibre formula is the formula for inspiration. Taking into account location, date, time, previous user navigation and the popularity of attractions, the formula produces a list of proposals suited for the traveler's individual behaviour. Calibre learns from previous searchs performed by the traveler and ponderates several user and contextual variables to come up with a list of proposed experiences and activities in line with the interest expressed by the user.

    Calibre: our algorithm
  • Everything leads to conversion

    The quest to maximize user interaction with the Website is an (on)society feature. Each access, each click points towards conversion. Conversion means shifting from the navigation experience into interaction with the Call Center or a Live Chat, into sending a request for further information and, obviously, into a reservation and a sales transaction.

    (To be published March, 2013)

    Everything leads to conversion
  • Interactive experience

    The look&feel of our Web design is meant for impact. We select the images and concepts better suited to captivate the target audiences. All elements in each page are arranged so that interaction and time spent at the Website are maximized.

    Improved user experience and interaction-driven design are a feature of our work. We include elements supporting navigation and promote user interaction with the Website: users may generate new contents and/or provide their opinion on existing ones.

    (To be published March, 2013)

    Interactive experience
  • Integration: the connection to everything

    We integrate our Websites with the main global distribution systems, OTAs and reservation engines (CRS). We partner with Travelport - one of the world's largest GDS, connecting over 250,000 tourism companies.

    Plus, we are also capable of performing XML links to any platform, integrating data from ERPs and CRM to, machine to machine, connect everything with everyone.

    Integration: the connection to everything
  • Internet team

    From day one, we work side by side with the client to create a Web team inside his organization, capable of maintaining the Website once it is up and running. We train, coach and assist the team on the Website's evolution process. The result: fast-response multidisciplinary teams ensuring content quality and permanently adaptating to user behaviour.

    Internet team
  • Beta zone

    Two weeks prior to publication a team of beta testers mercilessly navigates the Website. They test everything from different connections, devices and user profiles. The objective: to kill the bug(s). Thus we guarantee nothing fails on the day of launching.

    Plus, Beta Zone also includes a 100-day period after publishing during which we stay with the client, managing the Website. We analyze the first data and advise the Internet team on strategies to improve results. Observation, metrics and listening, all monitored by us.

    Beta zone
  • Interaction monitor

    We design, develop and launch an immediate response mechanism to market behaviour, based on data from reservation systems, social media profiles and Internet activity analysis. Our platforms offer sound, valuable information for decision-making processes.

    We analyse the enormous amount of data generated by visits to the Websites in order to improve our products and offer more and better services.

    Interaction monitor